Posted by: The Trails Less Traveled | July 11, 2017


The boat is built well, it is built with veteran hands.
the captain is determined, determined to reach foreign lands.

He seeks new adventures, for he knows he can never settle down.
Explore he must do, he knows he cannot turn around.

The boat struggles through the open water, the seas are very rough.
Sometimes the captain is so tired, he feels like he’s had enough.

He’s seen many lands, and each one he passed made him wiser and kind.
The land he seeks now, he can only see and feel in his own mind.

Some days are harder than others, he struggles not to give in.
And in the darkest of hours of time, he hears voices from within.

The voices encourage him to fight harder, for time keeps on passing.
Waiting any longer, regrets are only amassing.


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